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The Nervures Spirit

Above all Nervures is a collective enterprise, and a team that has worked together now for 20 years. Some have left and others have joined us, but the "social" spirit of this adventure has remained. Nervures is an enterprise where each member is considered and respected for who they are and for what they bring to our collective project. We are proud to consider ourselves a socially responsible enterprise.

Continuing to produce textile products in France, where almost the entire industry has been outsourced to low cost locations outside Europe, requires an extremely rigorous management and quality control system. Error is not permitted. Each operation, from simple stitching to the preparation of the final control, is signed by its author. There is complete traceability of materials, machines and technicians. Nervures has been ISO 9001 certified for a 3 years cycle.

Surviving in the paragliding industry, where new brands come and go each year, can only be achieved by designing products and accessories that meet the expectations of the market, and which really serve the vision of the business. We are pleased to see that our original idea of free flying, has now become mainstream. Today every paragliding brand has a "mountain wing" in their catalogue. Nervures is still leading the pack in this area in offering an entire range of ultra-light wings, each developed for a well defined purpose: from mountain flying to bivouac flying, not forgetting Speed Flying, where we were the precursors. The history of our company and our experience allows us to guarantee the durability of our ultra-light products - they were never designed for just 'a couple of flights a year.

To survive and grow in this area requires a real commercial rigor, along with a strong focus on quality. We are grateful for the network of professionals, teaching students and new flyers, who support us and represent us on the ground.

Keeping the design, fabrication, marketing, and after sales service functions all in one place is an undeniable asset of our company. The processes are in front of our eyes, and we are able to quickly respond to each other's needs. This is the key to the creativity inherent to our products, it gives us the time and space to consider special projects (performance parachutes, Sweep...) or specific design features (branding integrated into the wing in a stained glass style). Our willingness to forge ahead means we are often at the forefront in the use of innovative materials, like the Skytex 27. We've developed this material in partnership with Porcher, and it is a significant advance in the lightness and durability of our wings.

The Nervures team is proud of its product range. This shared passion will continue to provide us, and our clients, with magic moments flight after flight.