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The son and grandson of a land yacht manufacturer, Xavier Demoury has grown up in the world of airborne vehicles. During his engineering studies he spent his spare time building a yacht, all finishing touches included!

Xavier was co-manager of EMEM (a Pyrenean clothing company), when he started paragliding in 1986 and manufactured his first paraglider, sold under the Gypaaile brand. In 1987 he was runner up in the French paragliding championship flying a Marbore, which boosted his recognition as a major designer and helped kick start that brand.

By the end of 1992 EMEM-Gypaaile was thriving (Carlit, Palas, Arbizon). However Xavier decided to leave and create Nervures with Jean Louis Darlet. The aim was to create a design and consulting company for paragliding manufacturers (ADG for instance), but also to create their own products such as the "Cage de pilotage". It was at that time, with the help of Pierre Puiseux from the Pau University Maths Department, that the main CAD and simulation tools were developed.

From being a designing subcontractor, Nervures gradually evolved into a fully fledged manufacturer of paragliders. In 1997, Jean Louis Darlet left the company to create JLD Cage. Over the years since Nervures has evolved and confirmed its 'outside the norm' status by offering light weight and easy to access products (Kenya, Stromboli...).

This is one of the many factors that inspired Emmanuel (Manu) Bonte to use Nervures for his travelling adventures, highlighting the brand in his press articles. In 2003 he joined Nervures to improve the company image, widen the product range, and restructure the sales department and quality control.

The common thread for the Nervures team is not only the pleasure of designing aircraft and being part of the free flying community, but also the desire to manufacture locally (in an age when most paragliders are manufactured outside Europe). High levels of motivation from the team members, and income generated by design licencing, enable Nervures to continue producing paragliders in France, a rarity indeed.

To widen his perspective Xavier Demoury happily goes back to sail manufacturing or designing specialised production tools. Recently he designed a high performance inflatable sea kayak with Andre Rose for Bic Sports.

In 2012, the company was sold to JM BERNOS with the desire to perpetuate the unique business model of Nervures ; Pierre REMY also joined us to increase our potential for design, development and production of new models.

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  • 1993 Kiwi
  • 1994 Ibis
  • 1995 Manta (biplace)
  • 1995 Havane
  • 1997 Frégate
  • 1998 Bahia
  • 1999 Salsa

Airborne Systems

  • 1999 Paris (parachute)
  • 2005 Paris (parachute biplace)
  • 2014 HIS (parachute)


  • 1998 Elle
  • 2001 Elle+
  • 2001 Speedoo
  • 2002 Xpresso (biplace)
  • 2003 XPert
  • 2004 Platinium
  • 2006 Premium
  • 2010 Flexway
  • 2011 Bi Shuttle
  • 2011 Smart
  • 2013 Flex Race
  • 2014 Flex Turn


  • 2000 Polaris
  • 2001 Diamant
  • 2001 Turquoise (biplace)
  • 2002 Tomahawk
  • 2006 Dakota
  • 2007 Dakota Sport
  • 2008 Dakota Sport biplace
  • 2009 Lapoon
  • 2011 Boxer
  • 2012 Vmax
  • 2013 Siam
  • 2014 Boxer GT

André Rose / Bic sport

  • 2008 Yakkair
  • 2008 Yakkair (biplace)
  • 2010 Nomad

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