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Nervures achieved the ISO 9001-2000 certification in February 2008. This certification was confirmed in 2009 and 2010.

We are not planning to undertake another 3 years of certification, but the ISO 9001 standard will remain the benchmark for our organisation in the years to come.
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When we think about quality management/control, we think principally about products safety. This is indeed our primary concern, but the ISO 9001 certification is not just about this. It covers all the systems and processes of the enterprise. It is not sufficient to control only the quality of the stitching, but also to insure that the organisation of the entire enterprise is coherent and efficient.

Nervures and its People

One of the most important areas of the ISO 9001 standard is the management of the relations between the different members of the Nervures team. The rights and responsibilities of each member must be well defined, and each person must be capable of realising the tasks and the projects assigned to them. These areas of competance are updated and maintained with regular training. The versatility of our employees is developed in such a way as to ensure the continuity of our service quality. Knowledge gained is systematically written down and updated, and is transmitted between colleagues during internal training sessions.


Of course the production processes, the quality of the products, the quality controls and the traceability of components must be perfect. All these systems were put in place 15 years ago when Nervures was created, and they have functioned smoothly for a long time now. The novelty of the ISO 9001 system is that it allows us to systematically question ourselves about our methods, so that they are constantly improving.

Continual improvement and a motivated team

One of the major recommendations of the quality control process is that every member of staff is implicated in the systematic management of problems that arise in the day to day running of the business: detection, notification and analysis of problems, and then the implementation of improvements. Here at Nervures there has been a real appropriation of the quality control system by all the employees, who have reacted positively to the idea that they can signal problems and provide suggestions for the functioning of the entire enterprise. Each of us work constantly to improve the quality of our products and our methods. Many different indicators help to measure our performance, and each of us appreciates the pertinence of the measures that we have put in place.

What does this change for you?

Knowing that Nervures has been certified ISO 9001, and continues to use ISO 9001 as our standard assures you that:
So please give us your comments, observations and criticisms. They will be well received and treated with attention because their analysis helps us to better satisfy you and to improve ourselves.