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PLUM Reserves Parachutes

PLUM 2 is new rescue generation that synthesizes the latest studies on newly developed shapes and experience from our ultralight PLUM rescue.

The result is a compact, lightweight product with excellent performance, with an excellent ratio price /quality.

Triangular shape, this relief offers an excellent descent rate. The special cut of the panels offers a large bearing surface close to a square parachute offering this excellent sink rate.
It’s simultaneously extremely stable in pitch and self stabilizing thanks to its triangular design and its specific lines scheme.
It’s very fast deployment doesn’t lead back fly thanks to its symmetrical architecture.
Lightweight, compact, accessible for all pilots this rescue is also easy to fold.
The lines scheme is designed to avoid tie and facilitate deployment, all high quality materials are made in Europe.

Technical data S M L Bi
Min. | Max. load (kg) 45 | 90 50 | 110 70 | 130 110 | 220
Weight inc. lines and risers(kg) 0.95 1.1 1.25 2.25
Area (m²) 26 30.5 35.7 63.9
Sinkrate max load (m/s) 5.39 5.07 5.47 5.35
Container size (cm) 22x19x8.5 24x19.5x9.5 25x20x10 29x24x14
System length (m) 4.5 4.8 4.9 7.3