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taillé pour l'aventure taillé pour l'aventure

coloris de la swoop2

The Swoop is back !

The mini wing by NERVURES

Born in 2006 in collaboration with Val Amount, the SWOOP 14 and 16 had huge success and marked hundreds of pilots.
Mini wing concept Inventor, NERVURES was devoted to other developments, but the very insistence of many pilots pushed us to get back to work!

Swoop 2 16

Ultra versatile, for speedflying on site and hiking or paraclimbing version, it is ideal for an introduction to mini-wings with take off near a paraglider, a very healthy behavior, able to climb thermal and land comfortably.
The aspect ratio has also been specially designed for this surface to facilitate take off and provide dynamic flight behavior.
Mountain version x,x kg is the wing for those who want a minimalist bag and have fun on the way down, we recommend it to max inflight weight 100kg.
The qualities of the 14 are there : Take off, resistance to turbulence, large speed range, glide ratio and sink rate let possible recreational use in soaring and thermal.

Swoop 2 14

For speedflying and paraclimbing. It's the perfect mini wing for experienced pilots.
The aspect ratio has been specially designed for this surface, the short suspentage cone facilitates placement on the ground as well as elevation of the wing.
In expé Version (1.9kg) it is suitable for short & difficult takeoffs, solid in turbulent conditions even in trimout position.
The take off is very fast, without taking excessive speed, his profile is highly resistant to turbulence and allow to use the whole speed range. His behavior at low speeds makes it ideal for delicate landing.
Its glide ratio makes available flight plans inaccessible to other mini sails of this size!
It is the wings of NERVURES ambassadors !

Swoop 2 10

For expert only, extreme speed flying or speed riding new sensations ; compared to other mini wings of same surface glide ratio is widely superior, more efficient brake respons and lower roll movement.


The Swoop2 & Swoop2 Mountain are delivered in protective under-sac, flight manual,repair kit and bagpack 55l NANO.