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taillé pour l'aventure taillé pour l'aventure
swoop xp

coloris de la swoop xp

Swoop mountains !

Swoop Xp

Take-off, stable in rough air even at trim speed, able to fly in strong winds and flare at maximum load.

Swoop XP 19

For pilots in-flight weight greater than 85kg the Swoop is the wing for difficult takeoffs! :
It is excellent to launch due to its short lines and its moderate aspect ratio. This makes take off easier, even in strong winds and solid in turbulent conditions and at trim speed.
WEIGHT 2kg VOLUME 15 litres

Swoop XP 16

Ultra versatile, easily to use, in high level paralpinism or hike&fly. Take-off characteristics are close to that of a normal paraglider, a very stable behavior at control release, able to thermal and to land serenely with a full flare the wing is easily depowered.

The aspect ratio has also been specially calibrated for this size, to facilitate the excellent behavior and give a dynamic flight inaccessible normally to mini wings of this size.

A minimalist bag and have fun on the descent; we recommend it up to a take off weight of 90 kg.
WEIGHT 1.9kg VOLUME 12 litres

Swoop XP 14

This is a wing for Paralpinism of a high level, take off weight 85kg.
A recalculated & devleloped aspect ratio for this wingsize, short suspension lines, glide ratio and being highly efficiecient make possible flight plans normally inaccessible to other mini wings of this size.
It's the wing of choice for Nervures Ambassadors!
WEIGHT 1.8kg VOLUME 10 litres