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photo d'une Aloha
photo d'une Aloha

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With its extremely stable profile and moderate aspect ratio Aloha offers a remarkable level of performance for a wing that is so easy to use with a paramotor. The flight set-up is simple. There are no rotating torque effects, regardless of engine speed. Aloha also offers good turbulence resistance at a large range of speeds. The "give" in the command is generous and the wing responds progressively to increases in speed. The wing is easy and fun.

Aloha thus responds to the demands of a large number of paramotorists by delivering a simple set up, a good performance for moderate fuel consumption, a good range of flight speeds and excellent manoeuvrability for entertaining discovery flights.

Aloha comes equipped with a protective under bag, a small repair kit and a 150L carry bagphoto sac site..