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Fitz Roy

With the WHIZZ and the SWOOP 2, the FITZ ROY tandem completes the offer of NERVURES and signs its return in the field of allrounder wings, dedicated to the mountain, designed and developed by lovers and practicing mountain flying.
The specifications of the FITZ ROY have been elaborated on the different pilot returns and our own experience:

Inflation is greatly facilitated by the wing low weight and the rods.
For downwind or snowy take-offs little bridles on upper surface helps to keep the wing on the ground. Low aspect ratio helps with take-offs and ensure easy control in all conditions.

Thermal flying, it feels like a solo wing; accurate, easy to handle with excellent efficiency in transitions, an invitation to cross country flying!

Risers Dyneema® 4mm ; spreaders 5mm . An oval quick link allows the connection to the reserve. The textile trimmer system allows a significant weight gain while reducing the risk of maladjustment while handling on the ground or during take-off.
Lines short ! Bridge between the A1 left and right lines to strengthen cohesion in flight and facilitate crosswind inflation or incorrect wing setup. The lines A and B are sheathed except the B end of wingtips, all the top lines of C and brakes are also unsheathed.
Canopy 3D balloning, leading edge and upper surface rods, perforated v-ribs allow for an excellent structural support of non-loaded profiles while maintaining low weight. The leading edge is made of Skytex 32, upper and lower surfaces, non-loaded ribs, concave and intermediate and v-ribs in Skytex 27, structural ribs and X in Skytex 32 hard.