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coloris du Kido

kido au décollage 100% made in pyrénées

Designed with professional tandem pilots, KIDO offers all qualities expected for a modern tandem.


Materials have been selected to offer best lifetime, PORCHER 38 and 32g fabrics, fully sheathed EDELRID lines. Risers designed to be suitable for use with rigid and flexible spreaders, special kit for ears,height adjustement of the brake pulley.

The weight of the wing (7.5kg) is a great asset for inflation, providing a smooth and gradual rise and pitch damping making the flight particularly comfortable for the passenger.

A long work of development made it possible to optimize the turn, to obtain a precise turn making it possible to buckle in front of the slope and player for the pleasure of the pilot and the passenger!

The profile (light shark nose) offers excellent performance even in rough air, the line has been optimized on D lines and for upper part of the braketo optimize drag and improve performance.

The large control travel ensures easy rounding in all wind and all inflight weight conditions.