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We can take charge of the replacement of the lower suspension lines, or the full suspension for wings we have designed..

Our services include:
Prices inc tax mini-wing solo tandem
lower suspension only 220€ 270€ 310€
full suspension 380€ 490€ 520€

Return freight within mainland France: 25€
Supplement for unsheathed lines: 100€
Supplement for wings equipped with dyneema knotted risers: 30€

Please contact us before sending your wing - this allows us to prepare the suspension lines in advance and limits the time your wing is out of action.

Advice to send your wing

Ordering individual or labelled suspension lines

Replacing a suspension line or resuspending your wing is not an easy task. It puts your physical safety in jeopardy, and that of your passenger in the case of a tandem wing. If you can competently undertake this operation please look at the order form below. Return it to us completed and signed, with your payment, and we will send you the parts you have ordered.
Ordering individual line

Ordering labelled suspension lines


Single suspension line: 6€ inc tax per line

Inc Tax Prices mini-wing solo tandem
Lower suspension 120€ 145€ 180€
Full suspension 290€ 330€ 370€

Supplement for unsheathed suspension: 100€.
The suspension lines are provided with the map of your wing.