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colors of swoop

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Swoop 14

The Swoop 14 is targeted at experienced speed flyers. Take-off is still accessible. Once in the air, the wing response to the pilot input is direct and fun. Each new downhill flight draws a succession of curves on the mountain face. The Swoop 14 allows smooth transitions, linking beautiful manoeuvres close to the slope, radical accelerations and surges. At landing the long flares bring exhilarating sensations but require a fair amount of free space. The bivouac version is surprisingly light and compact.

In ultra light version, the Swoop takes us close to our dreams: a paraglider that fits in a pocket, super light weight and takes off within two steps.

Accessories and options

The Swoop, and Mountain Swoop are delivered with a protective underbag, a flight manuel, a small repair kit and a carry backpack. When you order please specify which carry backpack you have chosen. We suggest one of the following: the Mini Flash Bagphoto sac mini flash, the Flash 55l (default option)photo sac montagne, or the Montagne Bag 75lphoto sac montagne

The Mountain Swoop comes with halyard Dyneema risers with trims by default. For no extra charge you can request rises with strap trims: +325g.

Caution: mini-wing flying is a new activity. The response to command, the trajectories and the approach to landing are all different. We recommend beginning with a qualified instructor.