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La montagne Kaïlash (6714m) est située au Tibet.
Sur le drapeau tibétain, elle symbolise la terre de la nation tibétaine entourée de montagnes enneigées.
Kaïlash signifie "brillant comme du cristal" en tibétain.

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XC and Adventure


The Kaïlash is an accessible sport wing, fun and exciting. It combines outstanding performance with the best safety level. Glide ratio and top speed put it ahead of the pack in its category. There is no hesitation at take-off. In flight the controls are precise but it can also be flown at low speed. In thermals it cuts through while coring. The perfectly balanced yaw and the precise turn allow intuitive coring. Its speed makes it an efficient wing during head wind transitions. The long travel of the accelerator allows competitive and useable top speeds. The flat polar shows good performance with speed bar on. In strong conditions, the Kaïlash has sound behaviour allowing the pilot to go through turbulence without tiring himself out.

Kaïlash Bivouac

The Kaïlash Bivouac has an extraordinary performance/weight ratio; the size S weights only 3.9 kg for a glide of near 9.
Thanks to the Skyex 27 lightness, inflation is straight forward. In strong conditions its behaviour is even more reassuring than the Standard version.
The Kaïlash Bivouac is the perfect tool to achieve ambitious bivouac flights in perfect serenity. Together with our Airtrek Harness and our ultra light weight PLUM reserve, you get a high performance kit with the best safety features for only 7.2 kg (Kaïlash S + Airtrek Harness S + PLUM reserve S).
The Kaïlash has very good performance in its category and surprises by the feeling of serenity it provides, a wing designed for XC in confidence.

Accessoiries and options

Kaïlash and Kaïlash Bivouac are delivered with a protective under bag, our ultra-light double bar accelerator, the wing manual, a small repair kit and a carry bag. Elles sont équipées d'un velcro en bord de fuite pour vider les caissons.

When you order, please specify the carry bag and the options you have chosen. We suggest : The Kaïlash Bivouac is equipped with Dyneema risers and unsheathed lines in the upper part.

Options Kaïlash Bivouac :